miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2009

Nagios XI

Me llego un correo de Nagios Enterprises en el cual estan dando la noticia de que van a sacar al mercado un Nagios Enhanced (Mejorado) llamado Nagios XI.

We're pleased to announce the upcoming availability of Nagios XI™ - a powerful new IT infrastructure monitoring solution for today's demanding organizational requirements.

Based on proven, enterprise-class Open Source components, XI is the result of several projects we've undertaken to meet a variety of client requirements. Designed for scalability and flexibility, XI is designed to make problematic IT monitoring tasks simple.

We took care to design XI from the ground up with a powerful architecture that provides organizations with flexibility for the future. And we know good architecture when we see it. We designed Nagios Core with an extendable architecture that spurred a decade of innovation and industry disruption. We're doing the same with XI to usher in a new era of innovation.

Value-Added Benefits

XI SplashGoing beyond basic IT monitoring capabilities, Nagios XI is an enterprise-class solution that provides organizations with extended insight of their IT infrastructure before problems affect critical business processes. Nagios XI provides several value-added benefits over a standard Nagios Core installation, including:

* Resigned User Interface
* Dashboards
* Views
* Native Performance Graphing
* Database Backend and APIs
* Web configuration GUI
* Configuration Wizards
* Advanced User Management
* Non-Stop Operations Manager
* Extendable Architecture

Ya me registre para ser un beta tester de esta aplicación y ver las mejoras que trae.

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